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The Rodriguez Home Kitchen

This kitchen redo was for our paint representative at Dulux Paints.  I'm proud he asked us to complete his work (considering he knows every painter in town!).  The ceiling had painted stipple that we scraped off, floated, sanded smooth, and refinished with two coats of flat paint.  

Added pot lights and new cabinets really make this busy space come together.  This photo shows how we protect all the surfaces around your home.



The Gabors Cabin Repaint

This was a big job.  The wood siding was very deteriorated and in desperate need of renewing.  

The walls were power washed, scraped and sanded, oil primed, then top-coated with two coats of a flat acrylic, exterior grade paint.  

We even installed new fascia boards as the previous were too far gone to repair.

John Dafoe School

After all the prep, primer, and intermediate coat back-rolled, this shows how fast a spray topcoat is applied by an airless sprayer with elastomeric paint.

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